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Who can avail webcast services of NIC
National Informatics Centre (NIC) is providing webcast services to Central and State Govt. institutions only.

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How to avail Webcast services from NIC

NIC can extend the live webcast service on receiving the live A/V feed at Webcast Control Room at NIC Hq, New Delhi. There are following two ways to have live a/v coverage of the event -

     Case-1: Live telecast available on any Doordarshan (DD) channel
     Case-2: Live Telecast on DD channel NOT available

Case-1: Live telecast available on DD channel

NIC has setup of DD Direct+ systems at webcast control room at NIC Hq to receive all national and regional channels of Doordarshan. On receiving the live telecast over DD channel, we will provide live webcast from webcast control room.

Case-2: Live Telecast on DD channel NOT available

     A. Network Requirement –If live telecast is not available on any DD channel then Network Connectivity between Venue
        and NIC Hq is required. The connectivity can be any of the following –

        1. NICNET or NKN connectivity at venue

        2. Dedicated leased line of Minimum 2 Mbps for each live stream (in case multiple live streams are required i.e. from
           more than one hall parallel)

        3. Broadband connectivity with one Public IP (to have IP to IP transmission for security reason)

        Note: The network connectivity has to be arranged by the applicant.

     B. Availability of Public Address (PA) system and video cameras. This setup will be required to capture the live event for
        further live webcast. If these setup are not available then the applicant may hire the agency for the same.

     C. Transmission of live A/V feed/stream from venue to webcast control room.There are following ways to transmit live A/V feed-

        1. Applicant to deploy encoder and generate live A/V stream and transmit to the Streaming Media Server. The streaming
           media server credentials will be provided by NIC

        2. Hire the agency who can transmit live stream.

        3. Using VC system (Min 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps capacity): Video conferencing system is required to take live A/V feed from
           Camera and PA system to transmit it from Venue to Webcast control room at NIC Hq. The IP is to be configured on
           VC system and using one side transmission, NIC will receive live feed and further live webcast will be provided.

Though this mechanism will not give quality of webcast but can be used as substitute to transmit live A/V feed to webcast room.

In all above cases for live webcast, NIC shall be providing following services –

     1. Web hosting and Streaming Media infrastructure at National Data Centers.

     2. Predesigned Website/Webpage for webcast of the event through which the viewer will watch the event live

You have to request NIC at least 7 working days prior to the event to extend live webcast service.

For your queries and further clarifications may contact –

NIC Service Desk
Website : Servicedesk.nic.in
Toll Free No. : 1800 111 555

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