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If you are not able to view the webcast, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue .

Basic Troubleshooting


* If you are experiencing difficulties viewing NIC webcast presentation, please review the general troubleshooting tips below and/or check the Windows Media Player and RealPlayer tabs for player specific troubleshooting information.

  • * Double-check that you meet the System Requirements.
  • * Ensure that "JavaScript" is enabled in your browser's options (see the next section for details).
  • * Ensure that your browser's pop-up blocker is set to allow pop-ups and run add-on from this site.
  • * Close all other unnecessary applications except your web browser (close any other browser tabs or windows as well).
  • * Reboot your PC.


JavaScript and Browser Compatibility


These web pages rely heavily on JavaScript v1.2 which was introduced in popular browsers over four years ago. All basic functions of the site can be accessed with most modern browsers that have JavaScript enabled.Note: pages can be viewed without JavaScript enabled but with only basic access to the available content.NIC webcasts are compatible with most versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.



Media Player


If none of the previous tips solve your problem, please refer to the player specific troubleshooting for your chosen player:

  • India Portal
  • online survey
  • https://services.india.gov.in, the National Government Services Portal of India
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