Web Browser

Please note that the web browser are non-NIC software, and links are given to the concerned application providers to download.

If you are experiencing difficulties viewing or listening to a Webcast, make sure that you have the correct version browser is installed and configured properly.

Internet Explorer: Version 6.0 or higher required, version 7.0 or higher recommended

Firefox: Version 1.0 or higher required, version 2.0 or higher recommended. Note: Firefox versions 3.0.x and 1.5.x currently do not have plugins for full support of Windows Media Player features. If you choose to use one of these versions of Firefox, you can use the RealPlayer for viewing NIC webcasts with full functionality.


After meeting all minimum system requirements, still if you are experiencing difficulty viewing an NIC webcast, go through the troubleshooting page for technical advice, known issues, and other problem solving tips.

JavaScript and Browser Compatibility

All basic functions of the site can be accessed with most modern browsers that have JavaScript enabled. NIC webcasts are compatible with most web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox browsers and Google Chrome.