Web Browser

Some of the popular browsers where the site can be viewed are as below.

Internet Explorer: Version 11.0 or higher (Only for Windows 10 OS)

Firefox: Version 47.0 or higher

Google Chrome: Version 69.0 or higher

Microsoft Edge: Version 15.0 or higher

Safari/IOS: Version 9.0 or higher

Android: Version 4.4.2 or higher

JavaScript Compatibility

All basic functions of the site can be accessed with most modern browsers supporting HTML5. If facing difficulty please enable javascript through browser settings.


You should preferably have an internet speed of 300 kbps to watch an uninterrupted NIC Webcast. For an audio webcast it is preferred to have 64-128 kbps internet speed.

Audio should be unmuted on the player and your PC. Run the audio troubleshooter if the problem still persist.

  • Please ensure that the javascript is enabled in your web browser.
  • Disable pop-up blocker if it is enabled.
  • Clear cache if the updated content is not visible to you.

No. Any modern browser using HTML5 shall play the content on this portal.

Yes. You can change through various options given in the accessibility panel on top of the portal.

Select the search icon on top of the portal and type relevant keywords for the event to be searched.